ViaTouch was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with over 50 years of experience in international Marketing, Innovative Media, Food Services and Cutting Edge Technology.

Our goal is to disrupt the consumer goods distribution industry by creating new and innovative business solution for our customers. Our mission is to replace the traditional vending machines of the past with Auto-Retail devices that are enabled by Artficial Intelligence and other contemporary technologies.


Interactive Media

Because our Products leverage AI, they are smart, aware and add a Humanistic experience for users. Customized interaction catered to users current habits will lead to better consumer engagement, user tracking and product conversion.

Some features include:

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Discounts and other incentives
  • Targeted user ads
  • Ability to upsell products
  • User Tracking


Business Solutions

Traditional Vending machines and stores alike suffer from many business challenges. Often businesses will have to combat theft, deal with complex inventory systems and managing transactions and payment systems. Our Auto-Retail solutions streamline and eliminate those challenges by combining artificial intelligence with Onboard hardware (Thumbscan, Screen, and NFC) and dedicated software system for managing all of your administrative needs.


Stand Alone Front & Back

LISA was designed specifically to stand out. Putting a vending machine anywhere, but on a wall is now a thing of the past. With her sleek back, LISA enjoys being in the middle of the crowd.